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At AOMS, we are a cooperative of like-minded, caring, and licensed practitioners who are graduates of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin. 

Between us, we have Over 50 years of clinical experience and continuing education. Each practitioner’s background, strengths, and inherent skills and interests have led us to be quite a diverse group. Beyond acupuncture, we can offer lifestyle counseling, herbal and nutrition recommendations, pain abatement and movement facilitation, and cold laser therapy, just to name a few. 


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Whether you need care to maintain the ability to do the things you love or are coming back to your strongest, best self, we are often able to offer a strategy that gets you what you need.



Cleanliness is key. As always, we follow clean needle technique and universal precautions. This not only includes proper needle handling, but also diligent cleanliness and maintenance of our clinic space. 



Working to keep you safe

Virus Precautions and Procedures

We are doing our best to make sure that our clients receive the best care possible. We request your help and ask that you comply with these guidelines:


  • Stay home if you are symptomatic and/or running a fever
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please honor the quarantine for the recommended 14 days.
  • Wear a cloth mask if able.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Please dispose of your personal trash and tissues properly.
  • Arrive and leave promptly so we may limit the number of people in the waiting area
  • Come alone to your appointment unless you need help with mobility. 


Covid -19 info

Daily Living

You may request a teleconference for counseling. Fees apply.





I had debilitating back pain. After Robin started treating me I experienced much improvement. Over that time she has treated headaches, colds, anxiety, stomach problems, allergies, and eczema. It is always so miraculous that she is able to treat all of these ailments with such positive results.




“Jaret listened to all of my problems and worked hard to help with all of them- from my back pain to the stress of not being able to find a job. I have never been more relaxed than when I was in their office. He used a variety of methods to solve my back problems and suggested different supplements that also helped with my multitude of complaints.”




“Adding crystals to the treatment actually made the process a lot more relaxing. Somehow they have a calming effect on me.”




After 5 months of treatment, I have seen very good improvement in my mobility and posture, and my pain has been lessened to the point where I’m now able to be more active than I’ve been in years. Additionally, my stress levels have significantly improved, which is great!

Unwinding old patterns, birthing new opportunities, and helping you do what you love, longer


Traditional Chinese style acupuncture along with other modalities like Tui Na massage, cupping and Gua Sha help to reduce joint stress and pain related to work, lifestyle and aging, and improve sports performance. This type of treatment can unwind old dysfunctional muscle patterns and help to rebalance posture, restore free joint mobility, speed healing, and decrease or eliminate chronic pain. The combination of acupuncture and soft tissue manipulation can shift patterns–even patterns and pain that have been there for years!


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Because TCM is a mind/body/spirit medicine, the patterns of physical problems have corresponding influences on the emotions. Our emotions and conditioned patterns of response also affect our physical bodies. Your acupuncturist can offer guidance and empower you to help yourself.  Together we look at these influences in your life and the patterns they present. Helping you find those tools is one of the most powerful ways we can contribute to your true long-term wellness program.



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Acupuncture balances the body and mind

Studies have shown that the changes in neurochemicals in our brain when we experience our emotions and pain are reflected throughout the body and our entire nervous system. If you are recovering from trauma–physical, emotional, or spiritual–it can be beneficial to you to unwind and release your physical body while using acupuncture and other tools to help raise and stabilize the vibration. Using all three tools creates a cradle of energetic support for you during your transition towards balance and wholeness.