Welcome to our testimonial page. To our patients who have provided such wonderful feedback, thank you very much. We love to hear from you about your experience with us. Sharing how acupuncture has helped you and what the process of working on your health and wellness was like empowers and encourages others.

To people who are checking out acupuncture, we know that for many people the idea of acupuncture is a scary thing and that there are many acupuncturists and styles of acupuncture out there. We hope that stories like these can help you make a decision about whether we would be a good fit for your needs.

Here are Some of the things we have heard from our patients:

“I was a client of Jaret’s for a little over a year until I moved out of state šŸ™

I started seeing him with a nagging pain in my middle back that was preventing me from being able to lift objects with my right arm. I had a history of back and neck pain from a car accident years ago and spent a lot of time getting adjusted by a chiropractor, which never solved my problem. So I decided to try acupuncture- and I loved it. Jaret listened to all of my problems and worked hard to help with all of them- from my back pain to the stress of not being able to find a job. I have never been more relaxed than when I was in their office. He used a variety of methods to solve my back problems and suggested different supplements that also helped with my multitude of complaints.

After years of traditional health care methods that never cured my ailments, I am confident that acupuncture can solve most health and mental issues. Jaret is the most intelligent, generous, and supportive practitioner I have ever met. I am thankful for the opportunity to receive treatment from Jaret and would recommend him to anyone!”


“I have dealt with chronic shoulder/neck/back pain for most of my life. I’ve been to traditional doctors, each of whom looks at the specific part of my body is in pain and attempts to “fix it” (usually something to do with drugs, a shot, etc). Robin, on the other hand, looks at what is in pain as a part of a whole; if my shoulder is having shooting pains, she checks my jaw, my neck, my back, even my knees and hips – if anything is out of alignment it can trigger pain in an area you wouldn’t suspect – and proceeds to work on the affected areas. She also listens to everything else I have going on in my life, to help her better understand what is ailing me (what “normal” doctor does that in the 7 minutes they are allowed to work with you?) I’ve been seeing Robin for a number of years now and have referred many people to her – she has helped them with everything from insomnia to muscle pain to stomach issues to allergies. Her demeanor is quiet and comforting, adding to the healing atmosphere. Robin is an acupuncture goddess!”


“Robin is the best acupuncturist I have ever seen and one of the best health care professionals I have ever worked with. I can state how skilled she is with great confidence as I have a tremendous amount of experience with both western and eastern forms of medicine. I began developing a chronic musculoskeletal pain problem at the age of 12 that has increased in severity and complexity with age despite being treated by chiropractors, physical therapists, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and three of the best known pain specialists in New York and Los Angeles. My problems have been presented in medical grand rounds at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, considered one of the best hospitals in Los Angeles and I have seen five acupuncturists besides Robin. I write all this to emphasize the complexity of my pain issues, which involve muscular imbalances throughout the spine resulting in multiple sites of joint pain and dysfunction as well as severe headaches/migraines. At times I have been unable to walk because of pain in the joints of my lower body and at other times unable to talk because of intense pain in my jaw. It is not uncommon for me to have a sleepless night and/or vomit because of headaches and neck pain.

Robin is an incredibly skilled acupuncturist and who has been carefully treating my pain every week for almost a year. My problems and imbalances are slowly but surely improving and Robin has been able to coax my muscles and spine in ways that no other health professionals have ever been able to do, despite their use of trigger point injections, drugs, and even botox. She is incredibly gifted with her use of needles and has been able to alleviate problems in my upper body by inserting needles in my lower body. It’s pretty amazing and I have not felt similar results from other acupuncturists. Besides the fact that Robin is just an incredibly good acupuncturist is that she never gave up on treating me. I’ve seen a lot of health care providers become discouraged when I have not responded to their treatment, however, with Robin if somethings wasn’t working we (but mostly her, after I gave her all the information I could about how my body was feeling) would rethink it and she tried various approaches with me until we found the best one. Each session Robin carefully listens to how my week has been and what my body has felt like and then updates the treatment approach based upon both the current and all the past accumulated information. I so appreciate her ability to change course when necessary, a trait that is often lacking in many providers I have seen. I think her flexibility and attention to detail are amazing. We can argue freely about numerous topics and she helps me think about larger quality of life issues that both directly and indirectly affect my physical problems. I’ll see her for life if circumstances allow.

In sum, if Robin can help a complex case like mine, when approximately 25 other professionals only scratched the surface, I’m sure she can help you. Acupuncture is not a quick fix, but it is a real fix. Come see Robin. You’ll get better.”


“My husband and I have been seeing Robin for over a year and half. I had debilitating back pain. After, Robin started treating me I experienced much improvement. Over that time she has treated headaches, colds, anxiety, stomach problems, allergies and eczema. It is always so miraculous that she is able to treat all of these ailments with such positive results. Robin deeply cares about the well being of her clientele. She is a wonderful listener and healer. I do not hesitate in recommending her to family and friends.”


“I have been seeing Robin for about 8 years. Robin’s holistic approach is what keeps me coming back. She not only treats the physical symptoms, but she listens to see if something else is going on. For me, the emotional often affects my physical condition. Robin also has a background in Western medicine which has proven invaluable to me. She got me to realize that I had adult-onset asthma and to go into my general practitioner and get diagnosed and treated. He had missed this for years and kept saying that I always complain of being tired during the winter months. Over the last new years and with Robin’s help, I have been able to cut my inhaler use in half and have continued to build and strengthen my immunity. Symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia have also been improved. I cannot say enough good things about Robin. She is a life saver..”


“Unable to make my monthly acupuncture appointment due to a frozen back, Robin inquired if Iā€™d be interested in receiving distance healing through a crystal grid. I readily accepted, hoping to alleviate some of my physical symptoms, while at the same time looking for the underlying emotional issues creating the pain.

After the setting of the grid, I found a quiet comfortable location to experience the healing. After several minutes of resting in quiet observation, I noticed my body completely relax reducing the pain in the injured area. I felt enfolded in a warm space. The air around me gently massaging and releasing the stuck energy from my hip area.

In the space between waking and sleeping, I reviewed my memories of happenings prior to the injury. Images of people and conversations bubbled up into consciousness waiting for integration. I used journaling about these insights I set two communication goals to continue my healing through personal empowerment.”


“When Robin uses essential oils in combination with an acupuncture treatment, I find I am able to accept better the change in energy and relaxation that the treatment should have. Its almost like my body and mind have a toolkit to process and welcome the change, and it seems easier to let go of stuck energy or pain. I also find it to be a more soothing experience ā€“ the oils smell wonderful!”